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What We Do

We are experts at dealing with the UK major retailers across supermarkets, convenience chains, symbol groups, wholesalers...

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Client Case Studies

Our Client case studies will show what techniques we use and our process used to bran up our customers products....

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Our Services

High calibre sales resource is a pre-requisite, the days of simply only selling to customers is disappearing fast....

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UK Brand Sales

We are experts within FMCG, and we specialise in food and non-food brands selling to major retailers

National Account Management all sectors
Want your brand listed in a major multiple?
Need an interim Sales Director
Need a UK Country Manager
Your brand extended into different trade channels
Need a feasibility study to see if your brand will be successful in the UK?

We specialise in getting brands listed in major retailers

UK Brand Sales Ltd


We have a high calibre hand picked team that fully understand the demands of today’s retailers both in food and non-food


1 Newton Close

Tel : +44 (0) 1933 422 060
Mob : +44 (0) 7733 621 828
Email : enquiries@ukbrandsales.com

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